Joint ventures, Investments & partnerships



We also work alongside property developers, other contractors and investors seeking the opportunity to get into property or to start a commercial build. 


We have a wide range of experience, from working with both first-timers to seasoned developers. In addition, we allow scope for individuals and other contractors; be that commercial or domestic, to enquire about opportunities or joint ventures they wish to go ahead with. The expertise and advice we have could be beneficial in your next project!



Are you a hands off investor who would like to stamp ownership in the flourishing FreeHold and Property market the United Kingdom has to offer? We offer an easy pricing service and transparent update system that allows investors a look into the progression of their project in real-time. 


Whether plans you have are ready and finalised and all that is needed is the expertise and organisation on the ground to get it done, or you are simply contemplating on what you want out of your land, do not hesitate to contact us to gather free advice and maximise your investment, getting the ball rolling on your project!



As contractors ourselves, we always endeavour to work alongside businesses, big or small, to assist one another in any projects. Only using the best, reputable tradesmen and contractors, we encourage any enquires or propositions from like-minded businesses and tradesmen.


If you are a labourer or tradesman and are interested in working with MALLARD SOLUTIONS and joining our esteemed and growing labour force, do not hesitate to contact us!